Nina Silver

I started my journey of turning sensations into perceptions, perceptions into form, as a young child, selling woodcut prints, drawings and photographs.  My artistic journey continued with music, playing the voila at the High School of Music and Art in New York City and as part of the All City Orchestra with yearly concerts at Carnegie Hall.

In 1983, I graduated from Parsons School of Design, New York City campus, earning a BFA in Surface Design and the Fiber Arts.  I designed textiles, created clothing patterns, developed my own method of overlay screen printing and printed large multi-colored landscapes.   

After graduating from Parsons School of Design, I worked for Michelle Lester Studios, in New York City, weaving huge, landscape influenced tapestries for commercial spaces.  During that time I continued my study of papermaking at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City and began showing my work in New York galleries.  My work is in both public and private collections.

In 1986 I moved from New York City to the Berkshires.  The Berkshire landscape inspires me to work toward a simplification of ideas.  My observation of nature does not depend on forms or details as they are seen exactly in nature, but on my feeling and relationship to the subjects I have chosen.

I use many mediums in my work, remaining open to the process of creation.  My works are executed with oils, acrylic paint, watercolor, gauche, block prints, hand made papers, collage, metal and patterned fabrics which I design.

One of the joys of being in the Berkshires is my continued involvement in the growing arts community.  I spent four years as the Artistic Curator and on the Executive Board of the Becket Arts Center of the Hilltowns, Becket, Ma.  In 2007 one of my paintings was chosen by the Hilltowns to be the summer fundraiser.  One hundred posters were made of the Berkshire inspired painting and sold to benefit the Becket Arts Center.  

I also love to teach and have held private and group classes in paper making, quilting, knitting, printing and painting.   I've gotten to sail the world...teaching art with Odyssey Art at Sea, but where ever I go, in the end, I always love to come home, to the amazing energy, light, space and sounds of the Berkshires.

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